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Caring for the Community

A Caring Attitude and Quality Culture

New World Facilities Management Company Limited ("NWFM") is a non-profit making company, with a caring attitude and pursuit of quality excellence representing essence of our corporate culture.

We Care for Our People

To attain our goals, we rely on a team of dedicated and quality driven people to deliver professional services to the community, particularly to the younger generation who are target users of Youth Square. Knowledge and perpetual learning is a source of satisfaction and motivation to our staff. Providing training opportunities to our staff is also vital to the sustainable development of the company.

As a member of the New World Group, NWFM embraces the core values of UNITI and encourages knowledge transfer and innovation.

U – You
N – New World
I – Innovation
T – Trust
I – Improvement

Through the Quality Control Circle, NWFM provides a platform for our people not only to share their knowledge but also to innovate for continuous improvement in their respective arena and ultimately, the overall operations and the service standard of the organization.

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We Care for Youth

Youth Development

NWFM adopts the 6G model which serves as the guiding principles in our youth development initiatives:

Youth Square 6G Guiding Principles


New World Facilities Management “Business-School Partnership Programme”

NWFM has been embracing the mission of youth development. From 2013/14 academic year, NWFM has participated in the “Business-School Partnership Programme” (BSPP) conducted by the Education Bureau and the targets are senior secondary students. A series of management and experience activities are provided for the students, including “New World Facilities Management – Youth Square Management Experience Programme” and “Visit to Youth Square and Y Loft”. NWFM hopes to enable students to gain an understanding of workplace and provide a learning environment for students to nurture self-confidence, strengthen communication skills and establish correct work attitude.

NWFM will conduct “New World Facilities Management – Youth Square Management Experience Programme” for the second year in 2015 summer. The target participants of the Programme are local Form 4 to Form 6 students in 2014/15 academic year and aged 16 or above and interested in facilities or hostel management. NWFM hopes to let students learn about the management and operation of facilities or hostel, deepen their knowledge about the industry, explore their interest in related job positions and establish correct work attitude through their participation in the experience activity of six half working days in Youth Square or Y Loft with guidance of experienced supervisors. Participating students who have duly completed the whole program will receive certificate of participation.

NWFM will conduct “Visit to Youth Square and Y Loft” in 2015/16 academic year. Through visiting Youth Square and Y Loft which are managed and operated by NWFM, students are enabled to know more about the company profile and business nature, as well as daily operation of facilities management and Y Loft. NWFM’s staff will also share their career development experience with the students to let them learn more about the industry.

Visits in September are now open for application, details are as following:

“Visit to Youth Square and Y Loft”

Date : 23 September (Wednesday) or 24 September (Thursday) or 30 September (Wednesday), 2015
Time : 2:30p.m. to 4:30p.m.
Application Date : From now until 4 September, 2015 (Friday)
Application Method : Interested schools can download the “Activity Details” and visit Education Bureau's website (click here) to submit application.

Activity Details


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With the primary objective of nurturing youth, in the Year 2011 – 2012, NWFM has made use of the incentive management fee to develop two programmes: “Youth Square Venue Subsidy Scheme” and “Youth Square Volunteer Ambassador Programme”, to promote the holistic development of youth and to facilitate development of their potential and talents.

Youth Square Venue Subsidy Scheme (YSVSS)

YSVSS is a two-year scheme launched in 2012. YSVSS aims at facilitating youth groups to host youth development activities at Youth Square. YSVSS targets youth groups, non-profit making organizations and charitable organizations hosting youth activities.

YSVSS has selected 28 proposals with a subsidy being granted in the form of venue hiring charge at Youth Square. Beneficiary organizations and their proposals cover an array of activities targeting youth development. Participating schemes include leadership training courses organized by various youth organizations such as the Hong Kong Association of Youth Development Limited, Junior Chamber International Ocean and The Hong Kong Federation of Youth Groups, as well as a series of music training and performance activities organized by arts and cultural groups such as the Hong Kong Wind Philharmonia and Music for our Young Foundation Limited.


Youth Square Venue Subsidy Scheme (YSVSS)

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Youth Square Volunteer Ambassador Programme (YSVAP)

YSVAP is a one-year project launched in 2012. YSVAP targets secondary school students in Hong Kong and requires the YS Volunteer Ambassador to design, plan and execute volunteer projects. Through the training provided in the programme and active participation of the YS Volunteer Ambassadors, YSVAP aims at developing the Volunteer Ambassadors’ self-confidence, leadership, creative and communication skills and to cultivate positive values to serve the community, promoting holistic development of youth in Hong Kong.

Out of the 30 proposals received from over 300 secondary school students, YSVAP selected 21 proposals with recruitment of over 200 YS Volunteer Ambassadors. To share their passion, YS Volunteer Ambassadors motivate more than 200 youths who are their friends and fellow students to join and execute their volunteer projects, topping up the total number of serving volunteers and service hours to over 400 and 2,700 respectively. The volunteers come from different districts and provided service to a wide spectrum of beneficiaries.

Youth Square provides one-off funding to each of the projects. Training and workshops will also be provided for the YS Volunteer Ambassadors to equip them with necessary skills to provide volunteer service, including Service Skills for Different Beneficiaries, Basic Concept for Volunteer Services, Activity Design and Planning, Crisis Management, etc.

Youth Square presents prizes to teams with outstanding performance including The Most Creative Project Award, The Longest Hours of Service of School Award, The Most Active Participation of School Award, My Favourite Volunteer Service Project Award and The Best Feature Article Award.

DetailsPhoto Album

Youth Square Volunteer Ambassador Programme (YSVAP)


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We Care for the Community

While we strive to nurture young people, caring for the community in which we operate is an essential part of our sustainability goals.


As a responsible corporate citizen, NWFM encourages and facilitates staff to help the needy and give their support to the under-resourced with a view to strengthening the communities in which we operates. NWFM allows time away from work for volunteering purposes, with our staff engaging in a wide array of volunteering activities. This can include:

  • Mentoring
  • Tutoring
  • Coaching
  • Giving
  • Providing Community Service




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Band Stands for New Energy and Operation Santa Claus (2012 - 2013)

We help young participants develop their musical talents and widen their horizons with a series of workshops in which they can learn from local bands. This programme culminates in a concert with environmental themes at Youth Square, "Band Stands for New Energy".

The concert "Band Stands for New Energy" is part of NWFM’s participation in the popular Operation Santa Claus, which is one of the most recognized charity campaigns in Hong Kong. It is organized by the South China Morning Post and Radio Television Hong Kong. By giving 100 concert tickets to youth participants of the “NEED” (No to Environmental & Ecological Destruction) programme organized by the World Wide Fund for Nature Hong Kong, NWFM enables young participants to learn to play with energy and more importantly, with an eco-friendly mind.


Band Stands for New Energy and Operation Santa Claus (2012 - 2013)

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